From Grandma with love

I will never forget my grandma Sara’s artichokes. They have become a cult since when a famous Spanish cooking blog published their recipe, which I transcribed from memory, following the thread of the taste left in my mouth (just like Proust’s madeleine).

Gabriele Galimberti pays homage to all the grandmothers in the world and to their love for good cooking, starting from his own grandma Marisa who, before the departure for his tour around the world in couchsurfing, took care to prepare her renowned ravioli for him. She was not so concerned about the possible risks or mishaps her grandson might face in his adventurous traveling worldwide. Her major worry was “what will you eat?”. With the taste of his grandma’s ravioli in his mouth, Gabriele travelled around the world and, next to thousands of other adventures, decided to show his grandmother Marisa that there are many grandmothers out there willing to cook their special dishes for him.

He turned into a curious and hungry grandson for the grannies of all the countries he visited. He has come back with a cookery book of detailed recipes that mix love, photography and travel amongst the many exotic ingredients.